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Installation Tips

Before you begin to fit the engine we advise you to first identify the cause of the defect so that the problem will not repeat itself (cooling problems, oil problems and so forth). 

Installation tips
By following the installation tips below we assure you that service life of the engine will be maximized and that the guarantee conditions will be met. 

  1. Start by comparing both engines, any deviating parts of the old engine should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected before they are fitted on the new engine, all this for own expense.
  2. Renew oil and all filter (oil-, air- and fuel- filter).
  3. Renew the distribution set. Make sure that the distribution set conforms with the required specifications and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Please not especially the timing marks on the engine.
  4. Check the oil seals (renew if necessary).
  5. Check the main shaft bearing (renew if necessary).
  6. Check the dual mass flywheel (renew if necessary).
  7. If there is an oil cooler fitted, it must be renewed if there is a risk of contamination (mainly because of bearing damage in the old engine).
  8. If there is an intercooler fitted, it must be renewed if there is a risk of contamination (mainly because of damage in the old engine).
  9. Renew the fan-/auxiliairy belt.
  10. Start the engine the first time (without letting it run!) until there is sufficient oil pressure only then allow the engine to run! If there are any additional specific installation instructions attached (to the engine), these must be followed explicitly.
  11. Check the cooling system for any leakages and circulation. Bleed the air from the cooling system, test the radiator fan and the thermostat.

If any problems occur despite following the above instructions, please contact us. Our General Terms and Conditions shall apply.

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